Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Learn to morph

People look at morphing as a satanic act. To me , I feel there is nothing like that. I've loved morphing ever since I learned to do it. I have done many morphs which finally had some quality in it. I've loved outputs...results have always been my passion. So I guess thats one of the many reasons why I learned it. Later I gave up the act for a loved one. So here Iam to teach you how to morph...

You would either be on windows or linux . On windows I'm guess you would be using photoshop, and for all those linux users I would recommend using GIMP. I'm using GIMP to demonstrate this to you.

Get the 2 pics and open them in gimp

Use the scissor tool to cut out the face of the person

Select the face

Cut the face and paste it on a new transparent background page

Remove the unwanted areas of the image

Cut a small portion from the image (of arnie)

Paste it over the face of the image

Go to the layers window and select overlay. This will help you to match the color of the 2 images

Copy and paste the new image onto arnie

Scale the image suitably to match the head size of arnie

Use the smudge, blur and sharpen tools suitably to give the image a good look

The final image is ready

This doesnt look really good , I know, but I couldn't spend more time on this. If you would like to know more about morphing pls comment with your gtalk usernames.

I would have loved to show you how good I'm at this but I'm sorry blogger doesn't allow explicit images :p ;) . So please bear with me.

Thanking you


  1. ah !! great article ! I am not too keen on graphics editing at all . But this one is really a good time pass to start off with.

    Excellent !

  2. Nice one!!... satan... :P
    And you left this for a loved one?!!
    wats that about!!!
    And arnie being one of ur "role models" (i say that since u have so many of his posters :D)
    i think it shld have been ur face there :P

    watch it ....
    and imagen ...
    who i am ?
    hopefully you can understand .