Friday, June 26, 2009


The last post was for babies. I call those things for babies because they are things which any person who has heard of SEO will know. So this is what would actually help you. In this post I shall explain to you about how to bring about a revolutionary change with your site traffic. I will give you one way by which you can bring in a large traffic.
This is about keywords. Iam sure you would have heard about keywords. It was a practice that revolutionized the search engine market before years. Here people can add keywords to the html field and then search engines are more likely to show your page when someone searches for your page.

Im sure you are now feeling that I'm gonna retell you the story about keywords, which you would have heard for many years. NO. I have an idea here. And Iam going to present it before you. No matter what you people say, this is going to help you later.

PICK UP THE TOP 100000 keywords search queries in G, Y! or the newcomer B.
Search for relevant content in your site for these keywords.
If your site has relevant content then add your keyword to a link farm( basically a page full of links, filled with keywords here).
Each keyword in the linkfarm points to a page which shows the search results for the keyword within your site.
So basically the user isn't pissed off and you have a whole page of keywords.
I would recommend you to use only 100 links/page.
And the last step. Get the linkfarm indexed by the G or Y! or B.

Note: To get the linkfarm indexed you can submit it to google via a 'Add a result link' at the bottom of a page.

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