Monday, June 29, 2009


I haven't yet seen any response for my previous posts. But I'm a self driven person and will keep on writing. So I'd like to give you my third and probably the final post on SEO. In my last post I talked to you about a brute force approach. Here I shall talk to you about a new approach , which is almost the opposite of what you have.

If you have a site on which you have some contents and you want to extract the useful data from the site (typically names of people, technology names ....etc). We shall call them entities. You need to put in some data and you need to get an array of words in the list which has some semantic importance. Have you guys come across any such system ?? . My boss was the first one to recommend me such a system. It is called CALAIS.

You can go in there and find out its functionality.

So my recommendation,
Whenever a new post is made , get all the terms returned by calais and then do a google sktool search for the keywords related to each term.
Get the list returned by Google sktool and then add these terms to the link farm mentioned in the post SEO2
This will help you to build a linkfarm withou much burden on the server.
Thanking you

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