Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mini/Main CS Project ideas

Its been sometime since I wanted to post some project ideas.

  • Develop a debugger for C/CPP : gdb is a well known debugger in linux. On similar lines you can write a debugger for C/CPP. A debugger should contain functionalities to setup break points , view variable status etc. You can use Eclipse and see how ideally a debugger should work. I recommend you to do a mini-version of gdb. You will have many references since many debuggers including gdb are open-source.

  • Virtual private server : VPS will provide multiple virtual hosting environments on the same physical server. This will eliminate the need for separate physical servers for hosting different websites. It will also provide clients with an economical solution for hosting their website and allow web hosting providers (WHPs) to use their resources efficiently. Each VPS acts as a dedicated server with full root access. The benefits from such products are efficient use of existing resources by sharing them between various customers, provides more security than other sharing hosting techniques, provides root access inside each VPS though with limited capabilities, faster context switching, and minimum modifications to kernel.
  • Octave Gtk : Octave-Gtk aims to bring a full-featured toolkit like GTK to GNU Octave, to make scientific computing tools with a GUI front-end scripted from Octave itself. This directly translates to end users as a new and powerful paradigm for constructing GUIs with minimal knowledge of the constructs and easy interface for scientific programs in a really short time. Octave-Gtk is an Octave Gtk binding, which helps you access the GTK C API from the GNU Octave, an interpreted language. This cross language interoperability is achieved by Octave-Gtk binding code, which enables type safe, idempotent access of functions and objects from the either domains of Octave and C in a clean, and transparent manner, hiding the details to the end user.
  • CrossTalk : CrossTalk is a VoIP client for Windows and Linux. It allows users to talk in real time (like telephone calls) and explores the exciting world of Internet Telephony. CrossTalk will implement a simple user interface allowing users to easily make calls anywhere. It will support the encryption of the data stream, low latnecy, use of minimum bandwidth and maybe multiple conferencing as well. I intend to develop CrossTalk clients for both Linux and Windows. All of the above 'abstracts' are what I intend to do, whether I can do it, or, maybe even better it is to be seen.
  • A Highly secure steganographic file system : Magikfs is a highly secure steganographic file system with the plausible deniability feature being implemented on the Linux platform particularly over an ext2/ext3 partition without structural modifications. The data which is already present in the file system is not harmed at all. Magikfs will be user friendly,easy to install and easy to give your files the highest kind of security ever offered by file systems that exists today.
  • Secure PC to PC communication : PC to PC communication is essential to share the information. The SENDTO command is used to directly send the message over the network. So, it is not possible to send the secured information. The sent message is not secured and can be mis utilized or eavesdropped. RSA is a public key algorithm. Public key cryptography uses 2 keys a "public key" and "private key" to implement an encryption algorithm that does not require two parties to first exchange a secret key in order to conduct secure communication. Two types of primitive are specified in this document, organized in pairs: encryption and decryption. An encryption primitive produces a cipher text representative from a message representative under the control of a public key, and a decryption primitive recovers the message representative from the cipher text representative under the control of the corresponding private key. Its security is based on difficulty of factorizing large integers.
  • Mobile based collaboration : Mobiles are increasingly becoming high-end not only in terms of hardware but also in operating system cum software support. Hence, there is much demand of feature packed applications which are as good or even better than their PC based counterparts. Our application, a mobile based collaboration tool, beautifully packs features from different popular domains (like google calendar, maps, drawing tools, text chat etc.) into an application which allows collaboration with other users. Online document creation made popular by Google Docs has paved the way for creation of similar utilities to make a users experience wholesome. The very idea of an amateur internet user being able to share and communicate with his/her friends, relatives and business associates over the internet through simplistic yet powerful tools is very encouraging. Realizing this fact, we have developed an application that can collaboratively share information and data among a group of trusted users. Our main utility is a drawing tool for Android (Open Source Mobile SDK) which is based on the principle that inherent capability of human beings to express and understand is much better in terms of colorful figures than through plain text. In addition to this, we have incorporated several other features in our application, Google calendar, maps, advanced drawing features, text chat etc., that allow users to use the shared information enhancing the overall experience.
Courtesy: Red hat scolarships
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